Amherst, NY Pool Closing Services

Having enjoyed your pool all summer long, there soon comes a time when you need to consider closing your pool. When the leaves begin changing colors and the air gets crisp around Amherst, our team can help you correctly and quickly close your pool. We’ll keep your pool and auxiliary equipment safely tucked away so they can work at top condition for many summers to come!

Our Services

  • Pool Water Treatment: PH Level, chlorine, chlorine stabilizers, and pool antifreeze adjustments
  • Pool Accessory Removal: Removing loose pieces and tightening connections for stationary features.
  • Clean Pool Equipment: Complete sanitization of pool filters, skimmer baskets, and pool heaters
  • Drain Pool: Calculated pool drainage fitting manufacturer specs along with pipe and equipment draining
  • Pool Cover Installation: Protect your pool during the winter with a heavy-duty pool cover

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When Should You Close Your Pool In Amherst?

Most owners choose to close their pools in early October in Amherst. This can be pushed a little later if you have a pool heater, but you’ll still want to close your pool before you have to spend hours fishing out leaves. When your pool’s temperature goes below 60 degrees, bacteria and algae become dormant, making it a perfect time to close your pool and inhibit their growth all winter long.

What Happens If You Don’t Winterize Your Pool?

If you don’t protect your pool, the freezing winters that come to Amherst can severely damage your pool. Undrained pipes and filters can get cracked and broken while draining too much water from your pool can result in raised foundations from surrounding hydrostatic pressure in the ground. Lastly, without proper water treatment, algae can grow quickly and cost your extra to clean in the spring.