Amherst, NY Inground Pool Construction

Enjoying the beauty and convenience of owning your own swimming pool is one way to truly relax during the summer. Despite colder winters around Amherst, your family can take full advantage of the mild summers and use a pool heater to extend use from late spring to early fall. If you're deciding between an inground pool and an above ground pool, you can find out more information below.


Inground Vs Above Ground Pools

One of the biggest distinctions between swimming pools is whether they are inground or above ground. If you are looking for a custom pool and have a budget for a personal design, you should consider the benefits of an inground pool. First, the design of an inground pool is flexible to accommodate any size and shape. Based on appearance, inground pools resemble natural bodies of water, much more aesthetically appealing compared to many above ground pool variants. Additionally, our inground pools are built with longevity in mind. Using durable concrete and pool liners, we also stand by our work with lifetime guarantees.


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Types of In-Ground Pools We Build

Gunite Pools

Through application with specialized equipment, gunite pools offer durability and a beautiful finish for you to enjoy for years to come.

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If you are considering adding a swimming pool to your home, our team would be happy to help you design and construct a pool that fulfills all your needs and wants. We also offer programs to help with pool maintenance and cleaning throughout the year after your pool is built. Contact Chameleon Pools to schedule your inground pool construction today!


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