Pool Opening Service in Lockport, NY

Open your pool the easy way this spring and summer: turnpool opening service in Lockport, NY to a pool opening service that you can trust. Find that team of experts at Chameleon Pools; we’ll get your pool up and running in perfect order in no time!

Our Pool Opening Service

With every opening service we provide, we make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Starting with getting the cover off, we’ll clean everything, help with the chemical balance and ensure all of your equipment is in proper working order.

Schedule one of our technicians to come by at a time that’ll work best for you, and be sure that we’ll save you time and the headache that often comes with opening your pool. We also offer regular maintenance throughout the season to keep you enjoying your pool more, and stressing less.


Or learn about our in-season maintenance in Lockport, NY.