Vinyl Liner In-Ground Pool Construction

One of the biggest decisions to make when you consider constructing an in-ground pool for your home is to choose the material of your pool. We offer gunite and vinyl pools. If you are considering a new in-ground pool, see if vinyl is the right option for you!


What Are The Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Liners?

  • Cost efficient:

    Vinyl liner pools are a much smaller investment upfront.

  • Smooth pool interior:

    This makes for a very comfortable swimming experience.

What Are The Disadvantages of Vinyl Liner Pools?

  • Vinyl liners need periodic replacement:

    The amount of time your liner lasts depends on many factors, but they typically last anywhere from 5 – 12 years. Though they are durable, over time, pool liners grow less flexible. Hot and cold temperatures make your entire pool contract, while sunlight exposure breaks down the materials. Additional stress from over-chlorination or sharp objects in the pool can also shorten your pool liner's lifespan.

  • Greater Leak Susceptibility:

    This disadvantage builds off of the previous point, that Vinyl Liners may tear and begin leaking without being very noticeable. Unfortunately, this can lead to structural damage to your pool and deck. Pool owners who do not regularly maintain their pools may miss out on seeing small leaks until they grow into larger problems.


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